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$400K to Support Austin Researchers in 2016

The AMRF is pleased to announce...

Supporting medical researchers with great ideas


Great-res-logoPORTRAITThe Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) has supported outstanding research at the Austin precinct for nearly half a century.


In that time, our donors have seen 100% of their donation go towards supporting innovative researchers and projects that have changed the face of medical research and patient care.


Breakthrough programs have ranged from the world’s first discovery of an epilepsy gene to the development of an innovative online program for women with post-natal depression.


Learn more about the wide variety of research programs that you can support.


Grant opportunities for medical researchers at
the Austin precinct


The AMRF was established nearly half a century ago to support medical researchers at critical times in their research careers. AMRF funds:


  • Young researchers to kick-start their careers
  • Clinicians who would like to combine research and clinical work
  • Established researchers with innovative ideas


The AMRF has no red tape and streamlined management. This means that researchers spend less time filling in forms and more time doing research.


We also have an excellent track record in research management and can help researchers to understand how best to fund their work.


In 2015, we awarded  $400,000 in grants and funded 50% of applications. This represents a one-in-two chance of top-up funds for current projects, a seeding grant for a new idea or a priming grant for a new investigator. The AMRF also has individual awards for Distinguished Scientists and Young Investigators and a Postgraduate Scholarship.



Key dates


  • Applications Open on 1st July  2016
  • Applications Close on 31st August 2016 , 5pm AEDT
  • Grant results will be announced on 1st November 2016