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Tissue Immunity in Health and Disease

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Researching great ideas that help people


AMRF funds laboratory and clinical research into many conditions that affect people in our community.


Here are just some of the research advances that recent donations have helped to support.


  • Epilepsy and stroke: developing early diagnostic procedures to identification patients at risk, improving diagnostic imaging and therapeutic strategies.
  • Diabetes and heart disease: identifying diabetic patients at risk of heart disease and developing relevant treatments.
  • Cancer: identifying factors that promote cancer growth and developing drugs that target specific types of cancer.
  • Osteoporosis: identifying patients at risk of developing osteoporosis and designing early intervention strategies.


The Austin precinct promotes a broad range of research areas.


Epilepsy Stroke Sleep disorders
Diabetes Heart disease Osteoporosis
Cancer Transplantation Breathing disorders
Mental health Post-natal depression Immune diseases


If you wish to promote research that helps patients care, support the AMRF.

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