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Grant round now open for medical...

$450K to Support Austin Researchers in 2020

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Apply for grants 2021

Tuesday, 04 August 2020

Grant round now open for medical researchers at

the Austin precinct


This year, additional funding is available to support Austin Health researchers as a result of generous bequests received from:

Donor: The Estate of  Shirley Joan Riddell and James (Jim) Scott Riddell

Funding available: $34,974

Research field: Research into heart and/or lung disease  



Donor: M.G Jobling Estate

Funding available: $135,500

Research field: Paediatric research (Research into improving children’s health, genomics research, paediatric epilepsy, paediatrics care research and identifying causes that may contribute to being born with a developmental disability.)

The requested budget for any project should not exceed $30,000 

Key dates

  • Applications now open
  • Applications Close on 12 October 2020 at  5pm
  • Grant results will be announced mid December 2020

    Application forms (click to download)
  • Guidelines and Information Pack
  • Application Form (Word Doc)
  • Progress Report Form (for projects funded in 2019)
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