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$400K to Support Austin Researchers in 2021

The AMRF is pleased to announce...

The Austin Medical Research Foundation (AMRF): supporting tomorrow’s medical discoveries


Since its inception in 1970, the AMRF has donated $7.5 million to support over 700 research projects at Austin Health.


This has been made possible through generous donations and bequests. If you are making or reviewing your Will, you may wish to consider including the AMRF.


A bequest to the AMRF gives you the power to choose to make a difference to research. In addition, you can choose how your bequest will be allocated.


Recommended wording for inclusion in your Will:


“I, (insert name here), of (insert your address here), bequeath to the Austin Medical Research Foundation, Victoria to support medical research at Austin Health, the sum of (insert amount or estate details or other details here), free of all duties.”

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