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Recumbent bike riding in patients with fracture

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Awards for medical researchers with great ideas


The AMRF Distinguished Scientist Award


This award, honours prominent Medical Research Scientists at Austin Health.


For more details about Austin LifeSciences Research Week and the awards

click on the following link ALS Research Week


The impressive list of recipients illustrates the calibre of research at Austin Health.


2000 Professor Ian McKenzie, 

2001 Professor Ken Hardy,

2002 Professor Samuel Berkovic,

2003 Professor William Louis,

2004 Professor Arthur Shulkes,

2005 Professor George Jerums,

2006 Professor Geoffrey Donnan,

2007 Professor Rinaldo Bellomo,

2008 Professor Ego Seeman,

2009 Professor Louise Burrell,

2010 Professor Mary Galea,

2011 Professor David Hare, 

2012 Professor Ingrid Scheffer,

2013 Professor Joseph Proietto,

2014 Professor Andrew Scott,


To be considered for nominations, the nominee must:


  • Be a senior medical research scientist with an international reputation
  • Be a Head of a Department or Research Group
  • Have made a significant contribution to medical research
  • Have fostered young medical research scientists and have supervised postgraduate students.


Nominations are welcome from any member of staff.

For more details about the awards click on the following link ALS Research Week



The AMRF Young Investigator Award


This award encourages a young researcher to further his/her research career by enabling attendance at a national or international scientific meeting or at a relevant professional development course.


For more details about Austin LifeSciences Research Week  and the awards

click on the following link ALS Research Week


Past recipients (and research topic):


  • 2008 Dr Cherie Chiang, Mineralisation and bone resorption are regulated by the androgen receptor in male mice.
  • 2009 Ms Danya Vears, SCARB2 mutations in progressive myolconus epilepsy without renal failure.
  • 2010 Ms Phuong Phan, Walking on level and sloped surfaces following stroke.
  • 2011 Dr Clare Whitehead, Measuring hypoxia-induced mRNA in maternal blood to detect fetal hypoxia in-utero.
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